Don’t Be Fooled
For most of us, purchasing vinyl siding for our homes seems simple: get three estimates and select the cheapest. Why is it that most siding contractors quote one price showing you only one product, when during our last count there were nearly 300 choices all varying in style, quality, color, and cost?

Why is it that most siding contractors do not explain the installation procedures? They seldom inform you of the different techniques that can be used for bending and forming trim components around windows and doors, etc. that can make the difference between an average looking home and one that clearly shows craftsmanship that brings compliments long after the workers have left.

Why? Because most siding contractors are not familiar with the many options available in materials or application methods.  Time spent to learn of new products or attending training classes is hard to find for most and the end result is the same old product shown and applied in the same old way.  Before now, you probably were uninformed of the many choices you could and should make.

Why are so many homeowners led to believe that the wisest decision in selecting the best job is choosing the company with the lowest price, when there are so many options available that can change the entire appearance of your home?  Let’s face it, you are going to do this once.  The finished product is one you will live with for a long time.

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Because we believe you should have the:
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